Having a Twitter Increases Hunting Opportunities

Twitter will not help you become a better shot. Twitter will not wake your ass up in the morning to go hunting.

But what Twitter will do is expose you to a whole new group of outdoorsmen and women from across the globe.  Ideas, tips, gear- maybe even your next hunting dog could all be a product of relationship building on Twitter.  Once you begin to forge these relationships, endless opportunities for you as a hunter will begin to grow.  Here is how to cultivate those relationships and reap fruits that benefit both parties.

Presentation is Everything


There are two steps to creating a killer Twitter profile 1) Don't use a sloppy or bloody image from a recent hunt for your profile picture. Not only are sportsmen looking at your account, but the general public.  Do us all a favor and clean up the photos and language you use on your account.  You are representing all of us that choose to live an outdoor lifestyle.  In doing so you'll play a big role in helping preserve our tradition for generations to come.  2)  Fill out your Twitter bio.  Many people overlook this section.  Include hashtags that describe the kind of hunting activities you enjoy.  #Waterfowl hunter, #Bowhunter, #Whitetail are some of the popular ones I see.  This will allow more sportsmen and women to find you when searching these terms on Twitter.


Pretend like you've just walked into a bar - don't be that guy over in the corner complaining about life and annoying the hell out of everyone.  Be social, talk to others and ask questions - especially to those hunters who are from out of state if you wish to save a few bucks on your next hunting trip.  They often know of good public land locations and may even offer to put you and a buddy up for a weekend.  If you are looking into a guided hunt, locals are often able to tell you much more about the individuals running the business than a fancy website or brochure.  Meeting the right person on Twitter can save you a lot of headaches and money in the long run.

Migrating DucksMigration and Rut Patterns

Believe it or not, you can learn a lot about waterfowl migrations and deer movement from Twitter.  Instead of having that core local group that you may only share scouting reports with, you can now extend your network to across the country.  In the past, I only had a few in guys in southeastern Wisconsin that I would discuss migration patterns with on a daily basis.  Thanks to Twitter, I have made connections up and down my flyway and get reports all the way from Louisiana up to Canada.  Being a well informed hunter can never hurt your odds of increasing success in the field.

Why Twitter and Not Facebook or Another Social Network?

I believe that Twitter is the only social media platform where you can build these relationships. Why?  Because it is a more personal experience to that of Facebook and many other social networking sites.  First of all, there are already thousands of sportsmen and women on Twitter - you just have to find them.  Secondly, Twitter is a place where you actually go to talk to people - it's all about conversation.  Facebook is more like a bragging board.  People who are mostly their to glorify themselves (or complain about how bad they've got it).

If you don't believe me, give it a chance and sign up here -> Twitter then follow me @CamPauli

Cameron Pauli has been an avid waterfowl hunter for the past 10 years of his life, 3 of which he has spent as a prostaffer for Flambeau Outdoors.  To learn more about Cameron, you can visit his website at www.campauli.com or follow him on Twitter at @CamPauli

Posted on January 16, 2013 and filed under Social Media.