"The Magnificent Seven" - A Tribute to Inspirational Tweeters


“You meet people who forget you. You forget people you meet. But sometimes you meet those people you can't forget. Those are your friends.” - Unknown

Over the next few weeks, I will be doling out seven shameless plugs to a band of individuals that I consider both friends and unforgettable people that I've met through social media.  While some of these relationships have been limited to 140 characters, many have extended to emails, weekly phone calls and even in person meetings.  One thing is for certain - I aim to share some sort of outdoor experience with these passionate sportsmen (and woman!) in the future rather than communicating through bytes of data.

* Special Note: Order in which I write about these individuals does not delineate favoritism, or your level of awesomeness! (Sorry Jeff!)

1) Chris Burget

This coming May, it will be one year since I have taken over the management of Sportsman Channel's social media content.  The months leading up to my full time position as Social Media Coordinator were spent learning as much as I could about Facebook and Twitter from content powerhouses in the outdoor space that I had done some research on - Chris just so happened to be my Tweeting idol.

Content is King!

The first time I had reached out to Chris was through a direct message on Twitter asking some questions on how to go about building Sportsman Channel's following.  Through a volley of emails and phone calls, I began to learn more about Chris, the brand Bulls & Beavers that he had built and what it takes to become an influential person on Twitter.  Written down on an old sticky note in my desk from one of our early conversations is the word "content".  Chris explained to me that building a social following was all about providing unique, quality and engaging content.  A concept that has provided a simple yet sound foundation for all that I do in the world of social media.  Thanks to mentors like Chris, I have developed a great passion and an ever growing knowledge about social media that helps me continually reflect on my social media strategy and use.


Chris Burget

Chris has also become a great friend of mine and "uncle figure" so to speak.  When not bouncing ideas off of each other pertaining to social media, we often discuss the outdoors, personal goals or our struggles in understanding the female cognitive processes (we may never find an answer!).  Chris has also indirectly taught me about taking chances, even if that means taking a completely different path in life.  After many years of building his brand Bulls & Beavers, Chris decided to re-brand and take on a new concept called Modern Outfitter - a site dedicated to providing outdoor enthusiasts with latest information related to the sportsman lifestyle.  Although Chris had to give up something he spent a large amount of time and money on, he took a leap of faith and ran with an idea that I believe will open many more opportunities for him in the near future!

Chris - I can never thank you enough for all the support, encouragement and friendship that you have shown me over the past year.  Every day I look forward to visiting the mountains of Idaho this coming August, sharing a mule deer camp and hopefully capturing your hunt of a lifetime on film!  One that we can reflect on years later when we are once again privileged to share a campfire in some other remote portion of this world.

Cameron Pauli is the owner of Cam Pauli Media, a Social Media Marketing Agency specializing in creating content and managing social networks for the outdoor industry.  He is also currently employed by Sportsman Channel as their full-time Social Media Coordinator. When not in the office, he is out in the field hunting or working on his photography/videography skills.  Please visit his website at www.campauli.com for more information or follow him on Twitter at @CamPauli