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I've met a lot of great folks on Twitter, and Kyle Green is one of them. A down-to-earth, good natured guy - probably the type that any of us could grab a beer with and become friends. Hell, he even might back you up if you got into a fight for looking at some boy the wrong way. Well, I can't be sure about that...

But what I do know is that Kyle and his partners put their hearts and souls into a little company, Green Industries, that they've started in Kentucky. The pair make an innovative chair dubbed the HillJacked, which is designed to make hunting and fishing on uneven surfaces more comfortable. Below is a quick interview that I had with Kyle via email.

What is the name of your company? When was it founded?

"Green Industries LLC was founding in February, 2014."

What events led you to starting this business?

"My brother and I have the entrepreneur spirit that drives us to be successful and creative. We decided to start Green Industries while on a hillside in Kentucky during the 2013 Deer Season. As we sat uncomfortably on the hillside, we started brainstorming and the ideas starting rolling in. After a few weeks of trial and error, we felt we have developed a comfortable solution to hunting and fishing on uneven surfaces. We launched the HillJacked Chair in February of this year."

How many employees currently work at your company? Family or relatives?

"Currently only my brother and I, along with our good friend Kevin Bond, work for the company. Once our business grows we hope to employ a couple employees to help us assemble and sell our products."

What type of products do you manufacture? Features/benefits?

"We manufacture the HillJacked Chair. The chair has the ability to adjust to angled surfaces so you may sit comfortably on a hill, slope, or uneven terrain."

Do you have any personal favorites that you take pride in?

"We have a great deal of pride for our product. Each Hilljacked chair is inspected to insure quality of material and workmanship. We strive for 100% satisfaction and stand by our product with a warranty."

What is the single best thing about producing a product made here in the States?

"Helping to support local businesses while growing ours."

In the video below, Kyle goes over the many features of the HillJacked chair.

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Posted on June 18, 2014 .