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Corned Elk Brisket

Today's post comes from my good friend Ryan Callaghan of First Lite.  Fist Lite is a maker of next to skin and base layer products comprised of Merino wool.  Visit to learn why First Lite is what is going to make the difference on your next hunting adventure. This past September I was lucky enough to put an arrow through one of the largest cow elk I've ever seen.  After feeding the camp for a few nights I ended up with over 300lbs of boned out elk in my refrigerator ready to start cutting.  Due to a hectic lifestyle I kept the meat cutting simple, cutting as many steaks as possible.  Everything else (I keep all the fat) goes into a sack and gets ground.  Loins and tenderloins stay whole.  Looking at the condition of this particular cow I decided to  take the briskets whole and go big on S. Patties with corned elk - something I hadn't yet attempted.  To cut a long story short I will never leave a brisket to burger again.

Brisket Brined


water 1 gal

kosher salt 2cups

pickling spices 1 jar

Bay leaves 5

Garlic 1 head

raw cane sugar 1 cup


Bring all of this to a boil then let cool to room temp.  This was enough to do one large brisket (5-7 lbs) and one smaller 2-3 lb brisket.  The meat needs to be totally submerged, you can use something to hold the meat below the briney surface or go fancy and vacuum seal your brisket in with the brine.  Let sit for 4-6 days depending on the size of your meat.  You heard it, I said size of your meat.

Preparing to cook, I like to rinse the brisket under the tap then place in your pressure cooker and fill with cold water.  Let this sit for an hour to flush some of the salt from the brisket you can repeat this process or skip it all together depending on how spot on you feel the brine is.  While this sits strain all the floating goodness from your brine and let stand by until your ready to cook.  Pull the brisket from the water drain then add the leftover pickling spice and garlic from the brine to your cooker with the brisket and enough water to cover by 2 inches.

open cooker


Cook at pressure 15 psi 20 minutes for 2-3 lb brisket, I cooked for 20 then dropped the pressure and added halved potatoes and quartered onions then rolled the pressure back up for another 6 minutes and let the pot sit for 20 minutes off the heat before dumping the pressure.

Flavor was amazing but a touch on the dry side.  The big brisket 5-7 lbs I will cook to 30 and let the pot lose pressure naturally which will add an additional 30 minutes to the over all cook time.

If you do not own a pressure cooker get yourself one.  Or hopefully your mother will get you one for Christmas just like mine did.




St Paddys corned elk


Ignorance is bliss,  I really look back on all of the ways I've prepared wild game and feel genuine pain over some of the ways Ive misused cuts or  quite shamefully haven't used at all.

Thanks for reading and remember if you have any comments or questions to leave them right here at the FLog.







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